Thursday, July 13, 2006

Week of July 12th Update

Music Bloggers United -- A central resource for bloggers, artists, labels, and members of the press for navigating and utilizing the music blogosphere.

The Springfield Journal-Register listed some of its favorite mp3 blogs today, including several lesser-mentioned blogs, such as CYSTSFTS and Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good.

Matt over at Skatterbrain featured his first interview this week. It is with John Patterson of the Grates.

Goodhodgkins had essays this week on the "Garden State Effect" and the defense of the album format. Both are very interesting; almost as interesting as the heated discussion in the comments section.

Great Body of Water finished their Bands A-Z project.

New Layouts: Summer has brought the blogosphere many interesting layout changes on a lot of great blogs. Here are some I have noticed.

Nothing But Green Lights

Done Waiting

Clever Titles are So Last Summer

Culture Bully


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july 12th ;)

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