Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Week of June 17 update

Said The Gramophone is presenting his "Said The Guest" series on Wednesday the 21st, this time curated by Beirut. See what this ukulele-playing, idiot savant has in store for you.

Indie Don't Dance has her dream summer mix up. It's short but oh so sweet.

Copy, Right? reminds us, in her own inimitable way (i.e. bunches of cover songs), of the importance of Material Issue and the great sense of loss she still has 10 years since the day that he died.

Normally we won't be linking to just any old blog-based-mix-tape but in this case Connor from I Guess I'm Floating has put up a three disc compilation of the best tracks of 2006 so far. In addition and just to spice things up a bit he went on a little Pitchfork rant that got some of his readers all riled up (see the comments).

Clever Titles Are So Last Summer celebrates her big, blogger, one year anniversary with a bunch of shout outs and of course some good music. In fact it's like Birthday theme week over there so go tell Bethanne how much you care.


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Nice job on the site Craig! Thanks for including me in your mailing.


7:37 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

(psst - "so last summer"...that's what clever titles are)

1:54 PM  
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