Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Week of August 2nd and August 9th Update

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The Late Greats continues it's Convertin' The World Cafe To Mp3 series with a bunch of live tracks from Jose Gonzalez. Hear how this Swedish sensation would sound like live without all the chatter, broken bottles and crowd noise of a typical live performance. Listen for his fingers sliding along the nylon strings.

The Daily Growl has a selection of songs of the month including the MySpace/Mp3 Blog hit "Young Folks" from Peter Bjorn and John.

Either/OR has a bunch of songs from Billie The Vision & Dancers.

Miraculously we haven't mentioned 3Hive yet. I don't know of any blog as consistent and great as the guys at 3Hive. They also only post free and legal stuff so quite and accomplishment really. This week they covered the covers by The Harvey Girls.


Up and coming MP3Blogs

Don't hold it against Fabulist that they also cover art and pop culture. They are in their infancy but to date their music coverage has been top notch.

Either/Or has had an eclectic and interesting mix of music since their inception in April of 2006.