Saturday, September 09, 2006

We're back (the week of Sept 9)

Oops we went away for awhile. Of course a lot has happened in the world of blogs but let's just pick it up from last week.

The mp3 blog Just Like Music goes on a little rant about blogs, popularity and the meaning of life.

Fluxblog created a firestorm by posting on Beyonce and claiming she is the most brilliant and creative songwriter of her generation (his words not mine).

Lots of new obscure music this week but none better than Mountaineer. The Bombshelter and Music (For Robots) are both on the case.

The Tapes and Tapes story of blogs to riches is discussed in detail in this article in the Mercury News. profiles some of the music blogs in Beantown (Hello Gina, Bradley's Almanac, Rbally etc)